Sawblade Software Privacy Statement

Data collection
When a customer places an order, we collect the customer's name and address. In addition, for online orders we will record the customer's Email address. We also maintain a collection of any customer comments provided during the ordering process. Customers who participate in the Sawblade Software discussion forums may make certain personal information available in their user profiles, but such information is not actively solicited by Sawblade Software.

Information sharing
Information provided by customers is not shared with other parties, with the exception of PayPal. Orders placed online are processed by PayPal through a secure server. Information is not accessible to other companies, institutions, or individuals.

Sawblade Software often communicates with its customers via Email. We may occasionally use Email to provide information on products, but almost all of our correspondence with customers is meant to serve the purpose of completing existing transactions. Customers who order products via traditional mail do not need to provide us with an Email address, and Sawblade Software will not request Email addresses under normal circumstances.

Information security
Sawblade Software maintains secure order records. Transactions processed by Paypal are protected by encryption and are kept private at all times. Sawblade Software makes every effort to keep customer information confidential. Neither Sawblade Software nor PayPal willingly share customer information with other businesses, institutions, or individuals.

Updating your information
Mailing addresses and Email addresses will be updated or removed from our database at the request of the customer. The removal of the mailing address and Email address ensures that Sawblade Software will never contact the customer.

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