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Introducing Order Tracker 2.0

Keep track of your business's sales, expenses, and products.
An ideal time saving solution for Mac OS X.

New Version 2.0 features enhanced reports and graphing capabilities!

Get Your Business On the Right Track

Order Tracker puts you in control of your company's finances. Deftly navigate sales and expense records, and instantly visualize the results of your work with powerful reporting and graphing tools. Order Tracker is perfect for fast-growing Web based businesses and shrewd independent merchants. Sawblade Software developed Order Tracker to maintain its own income and expense records, and to streamline the annual tax filing process. The program's successful deployment within Sawblade Software and other enterprises worldwide ensures that your business too will benefit from this feature-rich yet easy to use application. Order Tracker version 2.0 is refined, streamlined, and mature enough to handle the most demanding business needs.

Order Tracker Benefits
Automatically calculate annual income and expense totals
Search for records using multiple criteria
Customizable mailing address label printing
Maintain multiple company databases
Optional auto-open and auto-save features

New in Version 2.0
Comprehensive reports and graphs displaying total income, expenses, and net profit
Customizable expense categories let you to tailor Order Tracker to your specific needs.
Serious performance gains: effortlessly sort thousands of sales and expense entries in real time
XML Exporting allows data to be shared with other applications

Order Tracker System Requirements
Any Macintosh G3, G4, or G5 computer
Macintosh OS X 10.2 or later

Not Currently Available.


Order Tracker: Graph Tab
Powerful New Graphing Features

Order Tracker: Orders Tab
Maintain thousands of order records

Order Tracker: Report Tab
Generate financial reports instantly
Order Tracker: Products Tab
Organize product and service listings
Order Tracker: Expenses Tab
Track expenses and net profit
Order Tracker: Find Sheet
Search for records using numerous criteria
Order Tracker: Preferences Window
Fully Customizable Preferences