Greenland Invasion

Greenland Invasion was the first Power Game Factory game, and it is included in Power Game Factory. Because you're able to modifiy it, you'll learn how it works and how to create your own game projects. Greenland Invasion incorporates advanced features like bridges, zooming cameras, patrolling enemies, swinging chains, and breakable objects, affirming the capabilities of Power Game Factory.

Greenland Invasion Movies
Greenland Level 1 Movie (7.3 MB)   Greenland Level 2 Movie (8.4 MB)

Zombie Holiday Prologue

Zombie Holiday is a gorgeous and hilarious game Like Greenland Invasion, it comes bundled with Power Game Factory and can be heavily modified and learned from. Learn more about this spooky masterpiece at the Zombie Holiday Web site.

Mooserider Julie

Currently in the early stages of development, this epic adventure pits Sawblade Software's sassy mascot up against the nefarious Scandanuvian Puffer Imps. Battle across the Fairly Fruited Plain and throughout Captain Slick Bob Blackley's Oil Beach, en route to unforgettable encounters with the hallucinogenic Dirty Southern Sillyfuzz and the Excrement Queen from the Purple Planet.

Mooserider Julie Movies
Mooserider Julie Intro Cut Screen Movie (3.8 MB)      
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