Power Game Factory's performance varies greatly from one computer model to another. Depending on their content, games made with Power Game Factory may require more system resources than the game creation software itself.

Operating System
Power Game Factory requires Mac OS X version 10.4 or later. Games created with Power Game Factory have the same operating system requirements.

CPU Speed
Power Game Factory requires an Intel or PowerPC G4 or G5 processor. Games made with Power Game Factory are Universal Binary applications capable of running at full speed on Intel-based Macs.

A minimum of 1 GB of built-in memory (RAM) is required. Because Power Game Factory benefits from additional memory, 2 GB are recommended. Most games made with Power Game Factory require 1 GB of memory for peak performance.
Disk Space
Because Power Game Factory can be used to create very large game projects, it is recommended that at least 4 gigabytes of free hard drive space be available prior to installation.

Graphics Hardware
Games made with Power Game Factory benefit from 3D graphics hardware. Since game graphics are stored in video memory, graphics cards with large amounts of on-board memory are recommended. ATI and nVidia graphics cards with 64 MB of memory or more are required for peak performance.

Content Creation Applications
Although game graphics may be created in Power Game Factory's built-in Image Editing Window, it is also possible to import images from painting programs such as Adobe Photoshop. Likewise, music and sound effects can be created in audio editing software before being brought into Power Game Factory. A complete list of recommended content creation applications is available in the User's Manual.