Content Creation Applications
The images, sounds, and cut screen movies used in game projects must be created in separate applications and imported into Power Game Factory. Compatible content creation applications are listed below.

Image Editing Applications

Although Power Game Factory includes built-in image editing functionality, third party graphics software is fully supported. Of the dozens of image editing applications available for the Macintosh, we can recommend Adobe Photoshop for professional customers, and Adobe Photoshop Elements or GraphicConverter for users on a budget. For users with the X11 windowing system, the open source GIMP is an affordable option. However, most image editing applications that support 24-bit, 72 DPI images are supported.

•Adobe Photoshop, by Adobe
•Adobe Photoshop Elements, by Adobe
•Gimp (open source; Available at SourceForge)
•GraphicConverter, by Lemke Software

Sound Editing Applications

Game sounds can be created in a wide variety of audio editing applications. Prior to importation into Power Game Factory, they may saved in several different file formats, including AIFF, MP3, and WAV. For more information on supported audio file formats, see Editing Sound Collections in the Common Production Tasks section.

Sounds may be created in any of the following applications, plus many more:

Consumer Sound editing applications:
•GarageBand, by Apple
•Amadeus, by HairerSoft
•Audacity (open source; available at
•Sound Studio, by Felt Tip Software

Professional sound editing applications:
•Logic Studio, by Apple
•Logic Express, by Apple
•Pro Tools, by DigiDesign
•Soundtrack Pro, by Apple

QuickTime Movie Applications

Motion graphics and video editing applications may be used to create the QuickTime videos that serve as cut screens that appear between game levels.

Motion graphics applications:
•Adobe AfterEffects, by Adobe
•Motion, by Apple
•Toon Boom Studio, by Toon Boom Animation

Video editing applications:
•Final Cut Express, by Apple
•Final Cut Pro, by Apple

Icon Editing Applications

A game's icon can be created using any supported image editing application, but it is recommended that a dedicated icon editing application be used to create Mac OS X .icns files for use in game projects. Iconographer is especially well suited for this purpose, while Icon Composer is a serviceable free alternative, included in the Apple Developer Tools. (The Apple Developer Tools installer is included on most Macintosh models.)

•Iconographer, by Mscape Software
•Icon Composer, by Apple