Level Design / Creating and Deleting Levels
The Levels Window provides options for adding and removing levels from a game project.

Creating New Levels

To add a new level to a game project, select Create New Level... from the Level menu. You will be prompted to create an empty level or a
level based on one of the existing levels.

If you choose to create a new empty level, you may enter the level's name. (The name can be changed later, in the floating Properties Window.) If you opt to base the new level on an existing level, the level on which to base the new level must be selected from the Base New Level On pop-up menu. After clicking OK, the new level will be added, and it will become the last level in the game.

Deleting Levels

To delete a level, select Delete Level from the Level Menu. You will be asked if you really want to delete the level. To do so, click OK.

Deleting a level can affect a game project substantially. For example, if the second level is deleted, a hot zone in level 1 that previously connected to level 2 will no longer have the same effect (it will instead connect to level 3, which will have shifted into the position previously occupied by level 2.) Use care when removing levels from a game, and always thoroughly test the connections between remaining levels.