Status Bar Design
The status bar displays the player's inventory of weapons, health, remaining lives, score, and the remaining time. It is edited using the Status Bar Window. To access the Status Bar Window, click the Status Bar button on the tool bar, or select Status Bar from the Window menu. The purpose of each tab in the Status Bar Window is summarized below:

Health Display Editing

The Health Display tab contains controls for editing the appearance of a gauge that shows how many hit points the player has. The health display can change its form if the player is invincible.

On-Screen Number Editing

The On-Screen Numbers tab is used to edit the appearance of the numbers found in the Score Display, the Lives Remaining Display, and the Time Remaining Display, among other things.

Map View Editing

The Map View tab contains a simple sequence editor for designing the appearance of the icon that represents the player's location when the map is displayed.

Editing Other Displays

The Other Displays tab is used to design the appearance of the "Game Over" text, the "Time Up" text, the Timer Background, the Score Background, the "Paused" text, and the Lives Remaining Background.

Status Bar Placement

The Additional Properties tab contains a set of controls for editing the placement of all of the elements of the Status Bar.