Level Design / Level Parameter Editing
Most of the level design process is carried out within the Levels Window, but editing certain aspects of a level requires the use of the Level Parameters Window. To access the Level Parameters Window, make sure that the Levels Window is visible, and select Edit Level Parameters from the Level Menu (Command-L).

This window contains tabs for editing the Intro and Ending Pictures, Music and Sounds, Level Routines, and additional properties. The purpose of each tab is summarized below:

Intro and Ending Pictures

The Intro and Ending Pictures tab contains controls for specifying the images that appear when the level begins and ends. These images are overlaid atop the level background, and often convey messages such as "Get Ready" or "Level Complete." This tab is also used to add a "Level Loading" message, which appears as the level is being read into memory.

Level Ending Cut Screen

The Level Ending Cut Screen is a QuickTime movie that appears after the level is complete, and before the next level begins.

Music and Sounds

The Music and Sounds tab is used to select the music and sound effects that play throughout the level. These sounds include Background Music, Boss Fighting Music, Game Over Music, Invincibility Music, Level Complete Music, and a host of random sound effects, which can be used to add background ambience to a level.

Level Routines

The Level Routines tab contains controls used to specify which routines are performed when certain events occur in a level. The level can be configured to perform routines periodically, when beginning, when the player beats the level, when the player dies, and when the game is over.

Additional Properties

The Additional Properties tab contains a property list used for editing a variety of level properties that determine things such as which directions the level may scroll in, weather the player's inventory is carried over to the next level, and how far off screen various objects may be while still being kept track of by the game engine.
After the desired changes have been made within the Level Parameters Window, the Done button may be clicked to return to the Levels Window.