Level Design / Level Routine Editing / Routine Action Editing
Each of the 23 possible actions that a routine may perform is listed in the Level Routines Window's Actions to Perform column, pictured below. Checking an action's checkbox enables that action. A routine may be set to perform any combination of these actions.

When an action is selected in the Actions to perform column, it may be configured using a panel of controls that appears on the right side of the Level Routines window. The following links provide detailed descriptions of each configurable routine action:

Level Actions
Set Player Properties
Control Player Behavior
Set Character Properties
Control Character Behavior
Apply Force to Character
Create Character
Damage Character
Contrail Actions
Door Actions
Force Field Actions
Hot Zone Actions
Item Actions
Lighting Effect Actions
Message Pane Actions
Precipitation Actions
Projectile Actions
Scenery Actions
Scrolling Actions
Sound Actions
Switch Actions
Variable Actions

Perform Additional Routines