Player Creation / Player Set Editing
Player sets are edited within the Player Sets Window (Command-3), which is divided into three tabs: Animation Sequences, Sound Collections, and Additional Options. The left side of the Player Sets Window contains controls for selecting, creating, and deleting player sets. (See the Object Type Management part of the Common Production Tasks section for more information on the use of these kinds of controls.)

Player Set Animation Sequence Editing

The player's many animated actions are edited in the Animation Sequences tab. While player sets often contain many dozens of animation sequences, the player's range of abilities may be restricted to simplify the design process.

Player Set Sound Editing

Player sets each have 11 sound collections, which contain the sound effects that are played when the player performs different actions, such as accelerating, jumping, and landing.

Editing Player Set Additional Options

Additional player set options are divided into four sets: Combat Options, Sequence Transition Options, Animation Sequence Frame Rates, and Physical Overlap Limits.