Characters / Character Sets
Character sets contain the animation sequences and sound collections used by character types. (Character types, in turn, combine the animation and sound data, along with physical and behavioral properties, to create complete characters in game levels.) The aspects of a character set are described below. Information on editing character sets is available in the Character Set Editing section.

Animation Sequences

The number of animation sequences that a character set uses depends upon the character set's sequence detail, which can be Simplified, Standard, or Advanced. Character sets with simplified sequence detail are typically used by inanimate character types whose appearances only change when they are damaged or destroyed. Character sets with standard sequence detail are used by typical character types that walk left and right, jump, and attack. Advanced sequence detail provides extra animation sequences used by character types that can aim in diagonal directions while standing, running, and jumping. Character sets with advanced sequence detail have a whopping 84 animation sequences, each with one or more frames running at a specified frame rate.

Sound Collections

Character sets include 16 sound collections, each of which contains any number of sound effects. Different sound effects can be played when the character is running, jumping, dying, and even standing still.