Force Fields
Force fields are invisible rectangular areas that act like gusts of wind upon objects within their boundaries. Force fields may affect the player, characters, and other objects, such as ammo packs, power-ups, and projectiles. An object in a force field is moved a certain distance in one of eight directions for every tick that it remains within the force field's reach.

A force field may be turned on and off by routines. A routine may also enable or disable the ability of a force field to affect certain types of objects.

Force fields can be used for many purposes. For example, a wide force field placed along the ground might simulate the action of a treadmill. Combined with the appropriate animated scenery, it could resemble a conveyer belt.

Force fields are simple objects. They can not be seen, and they are not able to be moved, resized, or destroyed.

Force fields may be added to levels and manipulated as described in the Adding Level Objects and Level Object Manipulation sections.