The player may benefit from collecting items, which come in three varieties: ammo packs, weapons, and power-ups.

A level may begin with items scattered throughout. Additional items might appear while the level is in progress. Items sometimes appear as a reward after an enemy character has been killed, but they can also be created by a routine. For example, the player could walk into a hot zone that might trigger an item creation routine. Routines may also give the player an item directly, allowing him to benefit from its effects without first making it appear in a level.

Items have very simple physical properties; once generated, they usually fall to the ground. After a certain amount of time, an item may disappear, so it may be necessary for the player to hurry to collect items before they are gone.

The appearance of an item, and its effects on the player, are determined by whether it is an ammo pack, power-up, or weapon, and further by its item type. Within each of the three item varieties are several item types, each of which may have a different animation sequence. Each item type also produces unique sounds when being created, when landing on the ground, and when being collected by the player. The three types of items are described in more detail below.

Ammo Packs

Ammo packs contain bullets for one of the fifteen weapons that may be used by the player. When the player walks over an ammo pack he receives more ammo for a particular weapon. The number of bullets in each ammo pack may vary.


There are eight different types of power-ups that can be collected: hit point recovery, full hit point recovery, temporary invincibility, extra life, extra time, flying ability, double jump, and super speed. The effects of each power up are listed below.

Power-Up Type Effects 
Hit Point Recovery Restores a certain number of the player's hit points
Full Hit Point Recovery Restores all of the player's hit points
Temporary Invincibility Makes the player invincible to all forms of enemy attack for a limited amount of time. (The player can still lose a life by falling into a pit.)
Extra Life Gives the player one additional life
Extra Time Adds a certain amount of time to the Time Remaining Display
Flying Ability  Gives the player the ability to fly for a limited amount of time
Double Jump  Gives the player the ability to jump while already in the air, for a limited amount of time
Super Speed  Gives the player the ability to run at his Maximum Super Speed for a limited amount of time


Weapons can be picked up by the player, but they can only be used if the player has collected a corresponding ammo pack.
Information on editing item types is available in the Item Editing section. Items may be added to levels and manipulated as described in the Adding Level Objects and Level Object Manipulation sections.