In Power Game Factory, levels are the most fundamental game components. Levels must be large enough to provide a satisfying experience but small enough to load in a reasonable amount of time. The breaks between levels are also important; they contain cut screens to acknowledge the player's progress, and they serve as checkpoints from which saved games may be resumed.

A level is the home of the fifteen different types of game objects, which include characters, ammo packs, doors, lights, and force fields. In addition, a level needs a background, a solid material mask (which defines where the solid material and empty space are), and a variety of parameters determining things like the background music, the time limit, and the direction(s) in which the level scrolls.

Depending on its construction, a level could give the player a chance to explore, fight, learn, collect items, gain strength, earn points, solve puzzles, and (all too often) die. What happens is up to the level designer and ultimately the player.

A level can end in a number of ways. For example, the player could defeat a boss character, or walk into the appropriate "hot zone", or read a certain message pane, or pull a switch that triggers a level ending routine.

The following links provide information on the various components of a level:

  Level Objects
  Solid Material Mask
  Music and Sounds
  Intro and Ending Pictures
Information on creating levels is available in the Level Design section.