Message Panes
Message panes are windows that appear on the screen to deliver messages while a level is in progress. Message panes come in many varieties and can appear under a range of circumstances. Some message panes appear automatically when the player enters a specific area, while others require that the player press the action key. Some message panes allow the player to continue to move while they are visible; others effectively pause the game until they disappear. The following examples demonstrate the versatility of message panes:


A message pane may appear when the player approaches a certain character. The message pane might contain printed character dialog, as shown below.


Approaching an object of interest and pressing the action key might cause a message pane to display a close-up view of the object.

Progress Reports:

Message panes can be used to alert the player that he has entered a new area or achieved a goal of some kind.
When a message pane closes, it may connect to another message pane, increasing the amount of information conveyed. Or it may connect to a different level altogether.

A message pane can be made to appear when a routine is performed. The message pane itself may cause a routine to be performed when it appears or disappears. The connections that can be established between message panes and routines allow for the creation of intelligent narratives and complex predetermined sequences.

Message Panes may be added to levels and manipulated as described in the Adding Level Objects and Level Object Manipulation sections.