The Status Bar
The Status Bar is a series of informative displays that remains on the screen during game play. With the exception of the Time Remaining Display, the six elements of the Status Bar generally appear in every level.
The following displays comprise the Status Bar:

Weapon Icons

Each weapon in the player's inventory is represented by a weapon icon. The icon of the weapon currently being used is highlighted. Icons of weapons for which no ammo is available are dimmed.

Ammo Counters

In addition to containing an icon for each weapon in the player's inventory, the status bar also includes an ammo counter. Ammo counters reveal how much ammo is available for each weapon.

Time Remaining Display

When the time remaining display reaches zero, the player dies. If a level does not have a time limit, the time remaining display does not appear.

Lives Remaining Display

The Lives Remaining Display shows the number of lives that the player has left. When this display reaches zero, the game is over.

Score Display

The Score Display keeps track of how many points the player has earned. It may be possible to gain extra lives by scoring enough points.

Health Display

The Health Display reveals the player's remaining health. When the Health Display runs out, the player loses one life.
For information on designing a status bar, see the Status Bar Design section.