Most attacks are carried out by using weapons to fire projectiles. The type of projectile fired, its velocity, and its angle all depend on which weapon type is being used. The player can use up to fifteen different weapons, and can quickly switch from one weapon to another at any time during the game. Unlike the player, enemy characters are not restricted to the basic set of fifteen weapons.

Each weapon type has a variety of properties determining its firing characteristics, plus an icon that appears in the status bar when it is in the player's inventory. A weapon type also has three collections of sound effects that are played when it is fired, equipped, and put away.

Weapons types do not have any animation sequences of their own because weapon graphics are built into the animation sequences contained in player sets and character sets. Weapons can, however, create animated contrails and shell casings when they are fired.

The player can acquire a weapon by collecting a weapon item. Acquired weapons can be fired as long as the associated ammo type is available (ammo is picked up by collecting ammo pack items.) The amount of ammo available is displayed near the weapon's icon in the status bar. When the player runs out of ammo for one of his weapons, he automatically switches to the next available weapon in his inventory. When enemy characters run out of ammo however, they can no longer attack at all, and they sometimes flee from battle.

Information on editing weapon types is available in the Weapon Creation section. Weapons may be added to levels as items and manipulated as described in the Adding Level Objects and Level Object Manipulation sections.