Game Design Literature
The following books and Web sites offer practical guidance on the many aspects of game design, production and marketing.

Audio Engineering

The Fat Man on Game Audio: Tasty Morsels of Sonic Goodness
by George Alistair Sanger
528 Pages
Published by New Riders, June 2003
ISBN: 1592730094

The Complete Guide to Game Audio: For Composers, Musicians, Sound Designers, and Game Developer
By Aaron Marks
318 pages
Published by CMP Books, October 2001
ISBN: 1578200830

Color Theory

The Art of Color: The Subjective Experience and Objective Rationale of Color

by Johannes Itten
160 pages
Published by Wiley, December 1997
ISBN: 0471289280

Figure Drawing

The Artist's Complete Guide to Figure Drawing: A Contemporary Perspective on the Classical Tradition

by Anthony Ryder
160 pages
Published by Watson-Guptill Publications, June 1999
ISBN: 0823003035
Drawing Cutting Edge Comics
By Christopher Hart
144 pages
Published by Watson-Guptill Publications, December 2001
ISBN: 0823023974

Game Design

Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals
By Katie Salen, Eric Zimmerman
688 pages
Published by The MIT Press, October 2003
ISBN: 0262240459

Theory of Fun for Game Design
By Raph Koster
256 pages
Published by Paraglyph, November 2004
ISBN: 1932111972

Macintosh Specific

Online resource for independent Macintosh game developers

Pixel Art Examples and Instruction

Designing Arcade Computer Game Graphics
by Ari Feldman
400 pages
Published by Wordware Publishing, November 2000
ISBN: 1556227558

by eBoy
512 pages
Published by Te Neues Publishing Company, June 2002
ISBN: 1856693031

So You Want to be a Pixel Artist?
Comprehensive pixel art tutorial demonstrating professional techniques

Mark's Pixel Art Tutorial
Pixel art Tutorial focusing on color and shading

Creating Tiled Graphics

Tiled Terrain

Tutorial on creating seamlessly repeating tiled graphics

Production, Marketing, and Distribution

The Indie Game Development Survival Guide
By David Michael
384 Pages
Published by Charles River Media, August 2003
ISBN: 1584502142

IndieGamer Forums
Discussion board covering many aspects of independent game development