Installation and Removal

Installing Power Game Factory

Power Game Factory is installed by dragging the Power Game Factory folder onto any location on your computer's hard disk. It is recommended that Power Game Factory be stored in the Applications folder, where it will be easy to find. (If you have a disk with multiple partitions, you must place Power Game Factory on the partition that contains your Home folder.) Although Power Game Factory may be launched from the CD, it is recommenced that it be stored on a hard disk, which offers higher performance.

Removing Power Game Factory

The Power Game Factory application may be removed by simply dragging it to the trash. When Power Game Factory is used to create game projects, it automatically saves game project data files to the user's Application Support folder. You may wish to discard these files when removing Power Game Factory. To do so, navigate to Macintosh HD/Users/[your user name]/Library/Application Support/Power Game Factory. Delete the Power Game Factory folder by dragging it to the trash. If you would like to preserve your game project files, export them as described in the Managing Game Projects section.