Game Interface Design / Dialog Box Editing
The Dialog Boxes tab in the Interface Window contains controls for editing the contents of some of the game's dialog boxes and windows. The game's credits and the cheat dialog box text are determined here, as are the titles of the Continue Saved Game and Preferences dialogs. The usage of each control in the Dialog Boxes tab is explained below.

Editing the Game Credits

The Credits dialog box appears when the player clicks the Credits button on the Main Menu. This dialog contains a small game logo, followed by the credits text, and one of several possible lines of random text. To change the small game logo, move a picture into the Small Game Logo image well. (For more information on using image wells, see Common Production Tasks.) Any text entered in the Game Credits box will appear under the small game logo. Additional random text following the main game credits text is selected from among the lines entered in the Random Text box. Including several lines of random text here treats the user to a different message each time the Credits Dialog is opened.

Editing Dialog Box Titles

The titles of the Continue Saved Game dialog box and the Preferences dialog box are determined by the contents of the fields in the top right section of the Interface Window's Dialog Boxes tab.

Editing the Cheat Dialog Message

The message that appears in the dialog box that allows the player to skip to the level of his choice is determined by the contents of the Cheat Dialog Message field. (To access the Cheat Dialog, the player must hold the command and option keys while clicking the Begin New Game button.)