Game Interface Design / Icon Editing
The Game Icon tab is used to add the icon that appears on finished game applications. The application's icon is displayed in the Game Icon well, as shown below.

Adding An Icon

To change the game icon, move a picture file or a Mac OS X icon file into the Game Icon image well. (For more information on using image wells, see Common Production Tasks.)

If a picture file is used, the picture should be 128 by 128 pixels in size.

If a Mac OS X icon file is used, its name should end with the extension .icns. It is recommended that Mac OS X icon files be used instead of picture files, because icon files support masks. Masks allows icons to be non-square and/or semitransparent.

Mac OS X icon files with masks can be created using icon editing applications. For a list of recommended icon editing applications, see the Content Creation Applications section.