Level Design / Level Parameter Editing / Music and Sounds
The Music and Sounds tab in the Level Parameters Window is used to select the music and sound effects that play throughout the level. These sounds include Background Music, Boss Fighting Music, Game Over Music, Invincibility Music, Level Complete Music, and a host of random sound effects, which can be used to add background ambience to a level.

Selecting Music

Any of the five music tracks in a level may be selected by choosing a sound from the associated pop-up menu. Each pop-up menu contains a listing of all of the music that is installed in the game project, plus an option to have no music play. To preview a music track, click the play icon to the right of the pop-up menu.

To add to the selection of available sounds, close the Level Parameters Window by clicking the Done button, and then open the Miscellaneous Window (Command-9) and select the Music tab, which contains controls for managing the music in a game project.

Selecting Random Sounds

The level's five random sounds are selected in the same way as the music tracks. Unlike music tracks, random sounds do not loop, and they may be heard at irregular intervals, as described below.

Setting Random Sound Chance of Playing

Each random sound has a certain chance of playing during any given second of game play. The values entered in the Chance of Playing fields determine the likelihood that a random sound will indeed start playing. For example, if the Random Sound 1 Chance of Playing is set to 0.25, the sound will have a 25% chance of playing during any given second. The values in the Chance of Playing fields must be between 0 and 1.