Level Design / Level Object Manipulation / Editing Object-Specific Properties / The Camera
When the camera is selected in the Levels Window, its properties may be edited using the Properties floating window (Command-0), as described below:

Location X and Y Fields

Determines the location of the camera. When the level begins, the screen will be centered around the location of the camera. Unless a level routine holds the camera in place, the camera will quickly scroll toward the player, eventually stopping when the player is at the center of the view.

The Camera Display

When the camera is selected in a level, a series of white rectangles surround it, indicating which portions of the level will be visible at various screen sizes, as shown below.

These rectangles represent the selection of screen sizes that are available to the player in the game's Preferences. To change the available screen sizes, look for "Customizing Screen Settings" in the Editing the Default Preferences section.