Menu Items
Power Game Factory's menu bar consists of six menus that provide access to all of the main windows and commands used throughout the game design process.

The Application Menu

The Application Menu (labeled Power Game Factory) contains items that apply to the Power Game Factory application as a whole rather than to the specific game project that is being edited.

The File Menu

The File Menu is used to open and close game projects, to save and revert to saved game projects, and to export and import game projects. The File Menu also contains commands for testing and building games.

The Edit Menu

The Edit Menu contains commands for modifying certain elements of the current game project. When the Levels Window is open, the Edit Menu can be used to undo operations, and to cut, copy, and paste object selections. It can also be used to search for particular level objects.

The Level Menu

The Level Menu, which is only active when the Levels Window is open, is used for creating and deleting game levels, and for displaying and modifying the contents of the current level.

The Window Menu

Each major window in Power Game Factory can be reached through the Window Menu. The Window Menu is also used to show or hide the toolbar and accompanying tips, and to change the position of the toolbar.

The Help Menu

The Help Menu is used to display the Power Game Factory User's Manual.