Adding Music Tracks

Most of the music heard in a game–particularly level background music–comes from a collection of available music tracks that is established using controls within the Miscellaneous Window's Music tab. To open the Miscellaneous Window, click the Miscellaneous button in the toolbar, or select Miscellaneous from the Window Menu (Command-9.)

Music tracks are managed in much the same way as other types of sounds throughout a game project, using standard sound editing controls. For information on the use of sound editing controls, see the Editing Sound Collections part of the Common Production Tasks section.

Assigning Music to Levels and Routines

Once a music track has been added to a game project, it can be assigned to specific areas within the game. The Level Parameters window may be used to assign music tracks to serve as level-specific background music, boss fighting music, and more. See the Music and Sounds part of the Level Parameter Editing section for more information. Music can also be played when a level routine is performed. The Sound Actions part of the Routine Action Editing section describes how to configure routines that make use of music tracks.