Level Design / Level Routine Editing / Routine Action Editing / Perform Additional Routines
When the Perform Additional Routines item is selected in the Level Routines Window's Actions to Perform column, the following set of controls appears in the panel on the right side of the Level Routines window. These controls are used to configure actions that perform up to three additional routines when the selected routine is performed in the game.

Since up to three additional routines may be performed, there are three sets of routine configuration controls. Each set consists of the following controls:

Perform Additional Routine Checkbox

Determines whether an additional routine is performed every time the selected routine is performed. This routine can cause up to 3 additional routines to be performed.

Routing To Perform Pop-Up Menu

Determines which additional routine will be performed

Delay Before Performing Routine Field

Determines how many ticks must pass before the additional routine will be performed. There are 30 ticks per second.
When one routine causes one or more other routines to be performed, the number of active routines can grow quickly, and there exists a potential for recursive routines (routines that cause themselves to be performed, either directly or indirectly.) Recursion can slow the computer, eventually causing it to freeze. To prevent recursion, routines are not allowed to perform themselves by default. Limited degrees of recursion may be enabled in the Performance Conditions Window, as described in the Routine Performance Condition Editing section.