Player Creation
The player character is very much like other characters in a game. He has a large number of physical properties, but is somewhat easier to configure. Since the player himself is responsible for controlling the behavior of the player character, it is not necessary to assign artificial intelligence related properties to the player character. Although there is only one player character in a game, several different player types and player sets may be created. This makes it possible for the player's physical properties and appearance to change during the game. For more information on how player types and Player sets affect the physicality and appearance of the player, see The Player part of the Elements of a Game section.

Player Set Editing

Editing a player set involves designing animation sequences, adding player sound effects, and configuring additional options pertaining to the player's appearance, physicality, and behavior in combat.

Player Type Editing

Editing a player type requires configuring a host of numerical properties determining the player's physical limitations. Here the player may be assigned a default appearance, contrails, a blood type, and more.