Playing Finished Games
Finished games exist as self-contained application programs. (For information on creating game applications, see the Building Games section.)

The following links provide information on navigating a game's title screen, setting game preferences, using special game controls, and managing saved games.

Navigating the Title Screen

The title screen consists of a large background image and the five buttons: the Begin Button, the Continue Saved Game Button, the Quit Button, the Options Button, and the Credits Button.

Setting Game Preferences

Various game options can be set using the Preferences Window, which is divided into three tabs: Graphics, Controls, and Sounds.

Special Game Controls

There are several non-configurable controls which are used for various game functions.

Using Game Controllers

Normally games made with Power Game Factory are played with the keyboard. However it is possible to use a USB game controller by mapping controller buttons to specific keys.

Managing Saved Games

Games made with Power Game Factory allow players to save their progress and resume the game later. The Continue Saved Game Window can be used to resume and delete saved games.