Shell Casing Creation
Shell casing types are edited using the Miscellaneous Window. To open the Miscellaneous Window, click the Miscellaneous button in the toolbar or select Miscellaneous from the Window Menu (Command-9).

The Miscellaneous Window is divided into three tabs: Shell Casings, Contrails, and Music. Select the Shell Casings tab to bring the shell casing editing controls into view. The left side of the Miscellaneous Window contains controls for selecting, creating, and deleting shell casing types. (See the Object Type Management part of the Common Production Tasks section for more information on the use of these kinds of controls.)

More information on shell casings is available in the Shell Casings part of the Elements of a Game section.

Editing Shell Casing Animation Frames

Each shell casing has two animation sequences, containing the frames used to display the shell casing while it is flying and while it is on the ground.

Editing Shell Casing Sound Effects

Each shell casing type has a single sound collection, containing the sounds that are played when the shell casing lands.

Editing Shell Casing Physical Properties

Physical properties influence a shell casing's appearance and determine how it interacts with the environment.