Status Bar Design / On-Screen Number Editing
Large and small variations of the numbers 0 through 9 are often present throughout games made with Power Game Factory. A collection of Large Numbers is used to create the Time Remaining Display, and a collection of Small Numbers is used in several places, including Ammo Counters, the Lives Remaining Display, and the Score Display. Small numbers may also be seen rising out of objects when the player earns points.

Since the two collections of numbers are stored as images, they do not need to resemble any of the fonts installed on the player's computer. Further, their respective sizes do not need to be "large" and "small", per se. (However, it is not uncommon in action games games for the Time Remaining Display to be somewhat bigger than the other status bar displays.)

The Large Number and Small Number editing controls are located in the Status Bar window's On-Screen Numbers tab, as shown above. Each collection of digits is represented by ten image wells and ten mask wells, arranged in order from 1 to 9, with 0 at the end. (For more information on editing pictures in image wells, see Common Production Tasks.)

On-Screen numbers should be bold enough to be easily readable while conforming to the shapes of the status bar displays in which they appear. Light numbers with dark outlines tend to be legible against a fairly wide variety of backgrounds.