Power Game Factory Tutorial
This tutorial will introduce fundamental game design concepts and practices. It is divided into sections covering several topics, including creating a game project, designing a level, adding characters, designing a second level, connecting levels, and testing and building.

Creating a Game Project

Launch Power Game Factory. The Main Options Window will appear, as pictured below. (When launching Power Game Factory for the first time, you will be asked at this point if you want to view this tutorial.) Click the Create New Game Project button near the bottom of the Main Options Window. Enter a name for your new game project in the sheet window that appears, and click OK.

The newly created game project will open automatically. The Levels Window appears, revealing a blue sky and a flat, barren landscape, populated with an eskimo (the default player character), and a camera icon, shown below.

In the next section, Designing a Level, the empty level will be given more interesting terrain and animated scenery, and items will be placed throughout the environment.
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