Playing Finished Games / Using Game Controllers
Normally games made with Power Game Factory are played with the keyboard. However it is possible to use a USB game controller by mapping controller buttons to specific keys. Doing so requires a utility such as USB Overdrive or GamePad Companion.

USB Overdrive

USB Overdrive, which is available from Alessandro Levi Montalcini at, is a utility that allows game controller buttons to perform the same functions as keys on the keyboard in Mac OS X.

GamePad Companion

GamePad Companion, from Carvware, is another utility that lets buttons on a game controller perform like keyboard keys. GamePad Companion is available at
After installing the keyboard mapping utility of your choice and mapping each button on your game controller button to a specific key, test the game to make sure each button performs the expected function. If a button does not work, ensure that the keyboard is properly configured in the game's Preferences as described in the Setting Game Preferences section.