Weapon Creation
Weapon types are edited using the Weapons Window. To open the Weapons Window, click the Weapons button in the toolbar. (Note that the weapons shown in the Weapons Window differ from the weapons that may be placed in levels, which are actually items that the player may collect to add weapons to his inventory. Weapon items are edited using the Items Window's Weapons section.)

The Weapons Window is divided into four tabs: Behavior, Appearance, Icons, and Sound Collections. The left side of the Weapons Window contains controls for selecting, creating, and deleting weapon types. (See the Object Type Management part of the Common Production Tasks section for more information on the use of these kinds of controls.) There may be no fewer than 15 weapons in a game project. Each of the first 15 weapon types may be used by the player; any additional weapon types may only be used by enemy characters.

More information on weapons is available in the Weapons part of the Elements of a Game section.

Editing Weapon Behavior

The Behavior tab in the Weapons Window contains controls for specifying which type of projectile and shell casing is produced by each weapon type. Other firing characteristics are also determined here.

Editing Weapon Appearances

The Weapons Window's Appearance tab contains controls for specifying which player set is used to determine the player's when he is wielding each weapon type. The Appearance tab is also used to edit Weapon flash effects.

Editing Weapon Icons

The Icons tab contains the Status Bar icons that indicate the status of each weapon in the player's inventory. These icons appear when the player acquires weapons and remain on the screen throughout the game.

Editing Weapon Sound Collections

The Sound Collections tab contains controls for editing a weapon type's three sound collections: Firing Sounds, Switch to Weapon Sounds, and Switch Away from Weapon Sounds.