Menu Items / The Application Menu
The Application Menu (labeled Power Game Factory) contains items that apply to the Power Game Factory application as a whole rather than to the specific game project that is being edited. The Application Menu consists of the following items:

About Power Game Factory

Displays the About Box, which includes basic information about Power Game Factory and its copyright information.


Opens the Preferences Window. This window lets the user customize the behavior and appearance of Power Game Factory. It is divided into three categories of options: Level Editing, Object Highlighting, and Testing.
Keyboard Shortcut: Command-,


Power Game Factory does not make use of Apple Services.

Hide Power Game Factory

Hides Power Game Factory and brings the next application to the front.
Keyboard Shortcut: Command-H

Hide Others

Hides all of the currently running applications other than Power Game Factory.
Keyboard Shortcut: Command-Option-H

Show All

Shows all of the currently running applications.


Quits Power Game Factory.
Keyboard Shortcut: Command-Q