Menu Items / The File Menu
The File Menu is used to open and close game projects, to save and revert to saved game projects, and to export and import game projects. The File Menu also contains commands for testing and building games. The following commands appear in the File Menu:

New Game Project

Creates a new Game Project. This menu item is only available when the Main Options Window is visible.
Keyboard Shortcut: Command-N


Closes the current Game Project and returns to the Main Options Window.
Keyboard Shortcut: Command-W


Saves the current Game Project. It may take a long time to save a game project if it was heavily modified since it was last saved.
Keyboard Shortcut: Command-S


Reverts to the most recently saved version of the current game project.

Import Game Project...

Imports the selected folder as a new game project. This menu item is only available when the Main Options Window is visible.

Export Game Project...

Exports the entire current game project to the selected location. The game project is saved as a folder containing a large number of data files. This folder can later be imported back into Power Game Factory. Game projects should be exported periodically as a precautionary measure against data corruption.

Export Object...

Exports the currently selected object type as a Power Game Factory Game Content file that can be imported into other users' game projects.

Restore Bundled Game Projects...

Restores the bundled game projects to their original state. This overrides any changes that may have been made to the bundled game projects since Power Game Factory was first installed.

Add [Object] to Content Library...

Adds the currently selected object type to the Content Library. When this command is selected, the Content Library Manager Window automatically opens, and the newly added item is shown in the appropriate object type category.

Content Library Manager...

Displays the Content Library Manager Window. The Content Library contains ready made characters, background tiles, scenery, and other objects. These items may be added to game projects or exported for use by other Power Game Factory users.
Keyboard Shortcut: Command-T

Test Run Game

Test runs the current game project file. When a game is being tested, it behaves exactly as it would if it were built into a stand-alone application.
Keyboard Shortcut: Command-R

Build Game...

Builds the current game project into a stand-alone application. The new game is saved to the selected location.
Keyboard Shortcut: Command-B