Level Design / Level Object Manipulation / Editing Object-Specific Properties / Power-Ups
When a power-up is selected in the Levels Window, its properties may be edited using the Properties floating window (Command-0), as described below:

Power-Up Name Field

Determines the name of the selected power-up

Power-Up Type Pop-Up Menu

Determines the selected power-up's type. There are eight power-up types: Hit Point Recovery, Full Hit Point Recovery, Temporary Invincibility, Extra Life, Extra Time, Flying Ability, Double Jump, and Super Speed. The Edit button may be used to edit the game project's power-up types, as described in the Editing Power-Ups section.

Location X and Y Fields

Determines the initial location of the selected power-up

Show/Hide Details Disclosure Triangle

Expands the Properties floating window, revealing controls for editing additional power-up properties

Power-Up Value Fields

Depending upon the type of power-up selected, a field may appear under the Show/Hide Details Disclosure Triangle. If a Hit Point Recovery power-up is selected, the Healing Power field may be used to set the number of hit points restored to the player when he collects the power-up. If a Temporary Invincibility, Flying Ability, Double Jump, or Super Speed power-up is selected, the Duration of Ability field may be used to set the length of time that the player will be able to enjoy the benefits of the power-up. If an Extra Time power-up is selected, the Amount of Time Added field may be used to set the number of units of time added to the level timer.

Delay Before Disappearing Field

Determines the number of ticks that the selected power-up exists for before disappearing. There are 30 ticks per second. A value of -1 makes the power-up remain on the screen indefinitely.

Point Value Field

Determines the number of points added to the player's score when he collects the selected power-up

Current Horizontal Speed Field

Determines the initial horizontal speed of the selected power-up

Gravitational Acceleration Field

Determines the rate at which the selected power-up accelerates downward

Current Downward Speed Field

Determines the initial downward speed of the selected power-up

Max Downward Speed Field

Determines the maximum downward speed reached by the selected power-up as a result of gravitational acceleration

Can Land On Top of Platforms Checkbox

Determines whether the selected power-up is able to land on top of platforms
More information on power-ups is available in the Elements of a Game section.