Level Design
Game Levels are created and edited within the Levels Window, which becomes visible immediately when a game project is opened. The Levels Window offers tools for adding and manipulating level objects, and allows for the editing of backgrounds and solid material masks. Separate windows for adjusting level parameters and designing level routines can be called up from within the Levels Window.

The following links provide information on the major level design tasks:

Levels Window Navigation

The Levels Window provides quick access to every element of a level. Navigating the Levels Window requires knowledge of several interface elements, including controls for switching between levels, and between the three level editing modes, each of with comes with its own set of tools.

Creating and Deleting Levels

Levels may be added or removed from a game project from within the Levels Window.

Level Background Design

Power Game Factory allows for several types of scrolling backgrounds. Standard Backgrounds consist of large images occupying the entire area of a level. Tiled Backgrounds are comprised of a grid of small square images arranged to cover the level area.

Adding Level Objects

Objects are added to levels through the use of a set of fifteen tools in the Levels Window.

Level Object Manipulation

After an object has been added to a level, it may be manipulated by changing its properties. All types of objects have properties such as Name and Location, but each type of object has its own unique properties as well.

Level Parameter Editing

Most of the level design process is carried out within the Levels Window, but editing certain aspects of a level requires the use of the Level Parameters Window.

Solid Material Mask Editing

After a level's background has been completed, its Solid Material Mask must be created so that characters and other objects have a landscape to interact with. Designing the Solid Material Mask is accomplished through the Level Window's Mask Mode.

Level Routine Editing

A routine is a set of one or more actions that affect a level or its inhabitants. There are several events that can cause a routine to be performed, and a huge variety of actions that may be carried out by a routine.